Our Services

With Carina Marketing you receive the same professional marketing services that a large marketing company provides, but our services are more affordable and we specialize in services specific to small businesses and nonprofit organizations. Below are the list of services we offer and whether it makes sense for you to engage our services on a project or retainer basis.



Golf Tournaments, Conferences, Events, Volunteer Management, Fundraising, Brand Development, Positioning Statement, Mission Statement, Unique Selling Position, Marketing Plans, Social Media

Graphic Design

Branding, Logos, Presentation Folders, Press Kits, Brochures, Postcards, Print Advertisements, Sales Sheets, Posters, Catalogs, Magazines, Newsletters, Trade Show Signage, Billboards

Website Design

Websites, Website Banners, Email Marketing Campaigns, Site Maps, Website Programming, Website Optimization, Twitter Headers, Facebook Headers, Blog Pages, Email Signatures, Landing Pages 

When a Project Approach Makes Sense

Projects are best for performing one-time improvements to your business. Whether it is re-branding the company, building a website, creating business cards/letterhead or setting up your social media pages, a project typically has clear deliverables, timelines and budgets.

Project Approach Factors

· Well-defined scope & services
· Clear, short-term deliverables
· Shorter timeline (typically < 6 months)
· One-time needs
· First-come, first-serve
· Budgetary considerations

When a Retainer Approach Makes Sense

Retainers are ideal arrangements for getting ongoing support and making continual improvements to your business. A retainer makes the most sense when the services are ongoing, and it isn’t clear exactly what will need to be done at any given time.

Retainer Approach Factors

· Broad or unclear scope & services
· Broad range of services
· Longer timeline (typically 6+ months)
· Ongoing needs
· Needs prioritized over projects
· Budgetary considerations