We're Carina Marketing, an agency charting for small businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Ca·ri·na (kə-rī′nə) n. from Latin: keel - A large beam along the ship’s hull to give it greater control and stability.

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Golf Tournaments, Conferences, Events, Volunteer Management, Fundraising, Brand Development, Positioning Statement, Mission Statement, Unique Selling Position, Marketing Plans, Social Media

Graphic Design

Branding, Logos, Presentation Folders, Press Kits, Brochures, Postcards, Print Advertisements, Sales Sheets, Posters, Catalogs, Magazines, Newsletters, Trade Show Signage, Billboards

Website Design

Websites, Website Banners, Email Marketing Campaigns, Site Maps, Website Programming, Website Optimization, Twitter Headers, Facebook Headers, Blog Pages, Email Signatures, Landing Pages